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Trithor Installation Process


Trithor is installed during the building phase. Trithor is a very versatile product and can be used in any construction type.

Using a concrete slab in conjunction with Trithor for protection against Subterranean Termites

Pre-Concrete Slab Applications (Part A)

Trithor Collars are installed on all pipes that come from the ground through the concrete slab this includes but is not limited to all sewer, water, gas and electrical conduits. The collars are fixed in place using cable ties and tape. They are able to be installed at any level above the plastic within the concrete.

Construction Joints

Trithor construction joints are installed to the vertical edge of an existing wall or slab where a new concrete slab is going to make contact with it. Construction joints are fixed in place with nails to ensure the product stays in place until the concrete slab has been poured.

Penetrations and construction joints are treated prior to the concrete being poured, these areas need to be treated as shrinkage and movement in the concrete can create small cracks that leave direct access for termite entry.

Termite protection to these areas is extremely important as access to the penetrations and construction joints can never be fully gained again.
Physical Termite Barriers should be used in Part A construction work as chemical applications will dissipate over time and cannot be re treated.

Post-Concrete Slab Applications (Part B)


Trithor is installed to the perimeter of the building, in most circumstances it is nailed to the top of the slab and sits underneath wall framing. 
Trithor can be made into any width and is sutiable for any wall construction including bricks, blocks, cladding, concrete panels and many more 

trithor-section-two-brick-rebate trithor-section-one-brick-rebate trithor-section-cladding trithor-section-window-door

Perimeter protection is designed to stop concealed access from subterranean termites. It forms a barrier inside the brick cavity preventing termites entering the buiding under the brickwork and into the timber walls.

Bearers and Joists

Trithor is installed to the brick footings using nails and glue before any timber is put down, all areas including attached piers, stumps and the perimeter of the building need to be covered in Trithor.



For more detailed information on the installation details please download the Trithor Product Manual.

All work must be done by Trithor Accredited Installers